[WA Sender Pro V6 Cracked] WhatsApp Marketing Tool


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25 Апр 2016
WA Sender Pro v6 Cracked – WhatsApp Marketing Tool

FREE promotion every time with High Conversions & Reach Prospect APPROPRIATELY ! PROMOTION To Thousand No Whatsaap is enough “ONCE CLICK”
Forget the Old Way – we Automate Everything!

Multiply Duplicate Your Business Profits With SUPER FAST! WASenderPro is not just sending WhatsApp usual.

Because with this software we can create money easily & Fast once using the various powerful features that can help us to get new customers and to manage the database of consumers for the next we can do follow up very easily Although the new product and not yet have any consumer will be very easy to get More Sales by Using WASenderPro this, just with 3 Easy Steps only =inheritWA Sender Pro Is Not Just a Trader Bulk Promoter!

Multy Account Whatsapp

Unilited Without WA Account Limitations

You can use WhatsApp sender Pro to manage multiple Whatsapp accounts without limitations, you can manage as much as possible, to promote all your products at once.

Automatic & Scheduled Promotion Senderto Thousands of Contacts in one click

With this feature you can send thousands of messages automatically and scheduled with just one click directly send to thousands whatsApp target consumer numbers for your product promotion, of course very easy and practical without the difficulty in managing it

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